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Board and Committees

The Board (2020-2021)

Jorge Arroyo, MD, President
Jay Duker, MD, President-elect
Brendan McCarthy, MD, Vice-President, Chair, Admissions Committee
Claudia Richter, MD, Secretary
Mary Daly, MD, Immediate Past President, Chair, Nominations Committee and Chair, Educational Endowment Fund Committee
Laura Fine, MD, Past President
John Dagianis, MD, Past President, Chair, Policies Committee, 
Joseph Rizzo, MD, Treasurer, Chair, Finance Committee
Fina Barouch, MD, Chair, Program Committee
Marc Leibole, MD, Chair, Ophthalmic Services Committee
Christopher Soares, MD, Chair, Public Health and Education Committee
Angela Turalba, MD, Director of Continuing Education
Anita Shukla, MD, Chair, Young Ophthalmologists Committee
Michelle Liang, MD, Chair, IT Committee

Michael Bradbury, MD, Executive Director

Committees (2020-2021)

Executive Committee
Jorge Arroyo, MD, President
Jay Duker
MD, President-Elect
Joseph Rizzo MD, Treasurer
Michael Bradbury, MD, Executive Director (ex officio)

Admissions Committee
Brendan McCarthy, MD, Chair
Jorge Arroyo, MD

Finance Committee
Joseph Rizzo, MD, Chair
Jorge Arroyo, MD
Jay Duker, MD (ex officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex officio)

Nominations Committee
Mary Daly, MD, Chair
Ann Bajart, MD (MA)
Mitchell Gilbert, MD (CT)
Elliot Perlman, MD (RI)
Christopher Soares, MD (VT)
David Weinberg, MD (NH)
Larry Piazza, MD (ME)
ex officio members:

  Drs. Bradbury, Richter, Fine

Program Committee
Fina Barouch, MD, Chair
Edward Feinberg, MD
Gena Heidary, MD
Jeremy Kieval, MD
Brian Kim, MD
John Papale, MD
Shlomit Schaal, MD
Lucia Sobrin, MD
Angela Turalba, MD
Michael Yoon, MD
Jorge Arroyo, MD (ex officio)
Mary Daly, MD (ex officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex officio)

Public Health and Education Committee
Christopher Soares, MD, Chair
Sherleen Chen, MD
Robert Daly, MD
Macie Finkelstein, MD
Magdalena Krzystolik, MD
Vasiliki Poulaki, MD
Cathryn Welch, MD
Jorge Arroyo, MD (ex officio)
John Dagianis, MD (ex officio)

Society Policies Committee
John Dagianis, MD
Michael Bradbury, MD

Ophthalmic Services Committee
Marc Leibole, MD, Chair
Husam Ansari, MD
Timothy Blake, MD
John Dagianis, MD
Nicoletta Fynn-Thompson, MD
Kathryn Hatch, MD
David Vazan, MD
Robert Westcot, MD
Peter Zacharia, MD
Jorge Arroyo, MD (ex officio)
Mary Daly, MD (ex officio)

Committee for Educational Endowment Fund
Mary Daly, MD, Chair
Thomas Coghlin, MD
John Dagianis, MD
Francis D’Ambrosio, MD
Richard Dornfeld, MD
Mathew Gardiner, MD
Grace Lee, MD
David Lawlor, MD
Joseph Rizzo, MD
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex officio)

Information Technology Committee
Michelle Liang, MD, Chair
David Ramsey, MD
Naveen Rao, MD
Ankoor Shah, MD
Joanna Seddon, MD
Jorge Arroyo, MD
Elliot Perlman, MD (emeritus)
Mary Daly, MD (ex officio)

Young Ophthalmologists Committee
Anita Shukla, MD, Chair

Joanne Chang, MD
Jeffrey Heier, MD
Stephen Anesi, MD
Nicole Siegal, MD
Jennifer Cartwright Garvey, MD
Elizabeth Houle, MD
Hyunjoo Lee, MD
Michelle Liang, MD
Dan Lefebvre, MD
Joshua Ney, MD
Archana Seethala, MD
Jorge Arroyo MD (ex officio)
Michael Bradbury (ex officio)
Michael Price, MD (ex officio)

Miguel G. Ocque, Administrative Manager

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