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Board and Committees

The Board (2023-2024)

Claudia Richter, MD, President
Joseph Rizzo, MD, President-Elect
Brendan McCarthy, MD, Immediate Past President, Chair, Nominations Cttee.,  
John Dagianis, MD, Treasurer, Chair, Finance Cttee.
Angela Turalba, MD, Vice-President, Chair, Admissions Cttee.
Ninani Kombo, MD, Secretary
Jorge Arroyo, MD, Past President, Chair, Education Endowment Fund Cttee.
Fina Barouch, MD, Chair, Program Cttee.
Michelle Liang, MD, Chair, IT Cttee.
Marc Leibole, MD, Chair, Ophthalmic Services Cttee.
Gena Heidary, MD, PhD, Director of Continuing Education
Astrid Werner, MD, Chair, Young Ophthalmologists Cttee. 
Michael Bradbury, MD, Executive Director

Committees (2023-2024)

Executive Committee
Claudia Richter, MD, President
Joseph Rizzo MD, President-Elect
John Dagianis, MD, Treasurer, Past-president
Michael Bradbury, MD, Executive Director (ex officio)

Admissions Committee
Angela Turalba, MD, Chair
Claudia Richter, MD
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex officio)

Finance Committee
Joseph Rizzo, MD, Chair
Brendan McCarthy, MD
Claudia Richter, MD
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)

Nominations Committee
Brendan McCarthy, MD, Chair
Ann Bajart, MD (MA)
Elliot Perlman, MD (RI)
Larry Piazza, MD (ME)
David Weinberg, MD (NH)
ex-officio members:
  Drs. Richter, Rizzo, Kombo, Turalba, Dagianis, Arroyo, Daly, Bradbury.

Program Committee
Fina Barouch, MD
JoAnn Chang, MD
Sherleen Chen, MD
John Papale, MD
Jennifer Sun, MD
Susan Tucker, MD
Laurel Vuong, MD
John Miller, MD
Tom Hsu, MD
Robert Janigian, MD
Joseph Rizzo, MD (ex-officio)
Angela Turalba, MD (ex-officio)
Gena Heidary, MD, PhD (ex-officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)

Public Health and Education Committee
Brian Kim, MD, Chair
Nauman Chaudhry, MD
Mercy Kibe, MD
Heema Kaul, MD
Jeffrey K. Moore, MD
Theodor Sauer, MD, MPH
Erynn B. Yang, MD, MPH
Joseph Rizzo, MD (ex-officio)
Angela Turalba, MD (ex-officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)

Society Policies Committee
Jorge Arroyo, MD, Chair
Brendan McCarthy, MD 
Joseph Rizzo, MD 
Angela Turalba, MD 
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)

Ophthalmic Services Committee
Marc Leibole, MD, Chair
Husam Ansari, MD
Timothy Blake, MD
John Dagianis, MD
Nicoletta Fynn-Thompson, MD
Kathryn Hatch, MD
David Vazan, MD
Peter Zacharia, MD
Brendan McCarthy, MD (ex-officio)
Claudia Richter, MD (ex-officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)

Committee for Educational Endowment Fund
Jorge Arroyo, MD, Chair (MA)
Thomas Coghlin, MD (RI)
John Dagianis, MD (NH)
David Lawlor, MD (VT)
Joseph Rizzo, MD (MA)
Claudia Richter, MD (MA) (ex-officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (MA) (ex-officio)

Information Technology Committee
Michelle Liang, MD, Chair
Tavish Nanda, MD
David Ramsey, MD
Naveen Rao, MD
Jarod Santoro, MD
Johanna Seddon, MD
Jorge Arroyo, MD (Emeritus)
Elliot Perlman, MD (Emeritus)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)

Young Ophthalmologists Committee
Astrid Werner, MD, Chair
Sarah Bozorg, MD
Jane Cook, MD
Mina Farahani, MD
John Hinkle, MD
Elizabeth Houle, MD
Yvonne Wang, MD
Claudia Richter, MD (ex officio)
Michael Bradbury, MD (ex-officio)


Miguel G. Ocque, Executive Administrator

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