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Educational Endowment Fund

The New England Ophthalmological Society Educational Trust Fund was established in December, 1992, and was renamed the Educational Endowment Fund in November, 2004. The Fund’s dual purpose is to ensure the continuing education of New England ophthalmologists and to promote public awareness of ophthalmology. The Educational Endowment Fund is supported by members of the Society, exhibitors and the public.

Please consider contributing to the Fund whenever you wish to honor friends, family members, colleagues or teachers, past and present.

If you are not a NEOS member but would like to contribute, please contact us at For members to contribute, click here. Your donation is tax-deductible, and it is much appreciated.

Mary Daly, MD
Chair, Educational Endowment Fund

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Educational Endowment Fund Donors

Diamond Patrons $100,000 or more

  • Estate of Dr. Hal M. Freeman
  • Dr. Michael J. Bradbury
    In memory of Dr. C. Davis Belcher
    In honor of Dr. Hal M. Freeman
  • Dr. C. Stephen Foster
  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
    In honor of Dr. Joan Miller
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Pender
    In Memory of Paul D. Pender and Harry V. Carey
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Simmons
    In memory of Dr. Ruthanne Simmons
  • Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston
    Physicians and Patients
    In honor of Dr. B. Thomas Hutchinson

Platinum Patrons $10,000 to $99,999

  • Boston Eye Research
    In memory of Dr. Sanford Hecht
  • Dr. John Dagianis
    In honor of Dr. Hal M. Freeman,
    James and Eleanor Dagianis, and
    Paul and Verna Dobbins
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stuart DuBoff
    In memory of Dr. Ruthanne Simmons
    In honor of Samuel and Gloria DuBoff
    and William and Diane Brown
  • Dr. Albert R. Frederick, Jr.
    In honor of B. Thomas Hutchinson
  • Dr. Hal M. Freeman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Greco
  • The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts
    In honor of Dr. Michael Bradbury
  • HOYA Optical Laboratories
  • Dr. Jean Keamy for the Keamy Family Foundation
    in Memory of Donald and Yvonne Keamy
  • Dr. B. Thomas Hutchinson
  • New Hampshire Society of Eye Physicians
    and Surgeons
  • Dr. Delia Sang and Dr. Mark Hughes
    In memory of Dr. Charles L. Schepens
  • Dr. Gerald Spindel
    In honor of Israel and Rose Spindel
    and Benjamin Burch

Gold Patrons $3,000-$9,999

  • Dr. Jorge Arroyo
  • Dr. William Atlee
  • Dr. Ann Bajart
    In honor of Judy Cerone Keenan
  • Drs. A. Robert and Jean Bellows
    In memory of Dr. W. Morton Grant
  • Dr. Thomas Coghlin
    In honor of Drs. Mary Daly, Ira Asher, Kevin O’Brien
    Reid Appleby, Jr., and Durga Larkin
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Dunn
    In memory of Dr. C. Davis Belcher
    and in honor of Dr. A. Robert Bellows
  • Dr. Joel Geffin
  • Dr. C. Mitchell Gilbert
    In honor of Drs. Claes Dohlman,
    Kenneth Kenyon, and Martin Wand
  • Dr. and Mrs. Donald Kaplan
    In memory of Dr. Robert Vernlund
  • Maine Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
  • New England Lens Implant Society
    In memory of Dr. Sanford Hecht
  • Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Perlman
    In memory of Drs. C. Davis Belcher
    and Kathleen Maguire
  • Dr. Michael Raizman
  • Dr. Shiyoung Roh and Mrs. Myung Ja Roh
  • Drs. Helen and Jack Schinazi
    In memory of Dr. C. Davis Belcher
    In memory of Mrs. Mary Santos
    In honor of Dr. Irving Pavlo
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Sebestyen
    In memory of Dr. Taylor Smith
  • Dr. Bradford J. Shingleton
    In honor of Drs. Albert Frederick,
    Thomas Hutchinson, Silvio Von Pirquet
    and A. Robert Bellows
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Simmons
    In memory of Drs. Paul A Chandler, W. Morton Grant,
    Ruthanne Simmons, and C. Davis Belcher
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul Wasson
    In memory of Dr. Paul Wasson and
    Dr. Oscar Hollander
  • Dr. and Mrs. Hal Woodcome
    In memory of Dr. Harold Woodcome, Sr.
  • Estate of Dr. Leon Zimmerman


Silver Patrons $1,000-$2,999

  • Dr. Reid S. Appleby, Jr.
    In honor of Dr. Harold Woodcome, Jr.,
    and Associates, and Dr. Robert Bahr
  • Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Aiello
  • Dr. Robert Bahr
  • Dr. C. Davis Belcher
    In honor of Dr. Richard Simmons
  • Dr. Harry Braconier
    In memory of Drs Taylor Smith, Karl Riemer, Carl Johnson
    and Dr. Hal Freeman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Buzney
  • Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation
  • Dr. and Mrs. William E. Clark, Jr.
  • Dr. Mary Daly
    In memory of Dr. and Mrs. William J. Daly
  • Dr. Joseph L. Dowling, Jr.
  • Dr. Jay S. Duker
  • Eye Health Services
    In memory of Dr. C. Davis Belcher
  • Dr. Laura Fine
  • Dr. and Mrs. David Greenseid
  • Dr. Bernard Heersink
  • Dr. Jeffrey Heier
  • The Heier Family Fund
  • Dr. Ralph Hinckley
  • Dr. William S. Holt
  • Dr. Jody K. Judge
  • Judge Family Charitable Foundation
  • Dr. Robert Lacy
  • Dr. Joseph Levy
    In honor of Dr. Thomas Hedges III
  • Dr. Byron S. Lingeman
  • Dr. Richard Low
  • Dr. Kathleen Maguire and Stephen Burke
    In honor of Dr. Hal M. Freeman
  • Dr. Lisa McHam
  • Dr. Clifford Michaelson
    In memory of Dr. Jesse and Mrs. Ruth Lee Michaelson
    In memory of Dr. Behrooz Koleini
  • Dr. Stanislaw Milewski
    In memory of Dr. Taylor R. Smith
  • Dr. Peter B. Mooney
    In memory of Dr. Henry F. Allen
  • Dr. Paul Moulton
  • Dr. Dale Oates
  • Dr. Stephen J. Phipps
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Price
  • Dr. Claudia Richter
  • Rizzo Family Charitable Foundation
  • Drs. Shiyoung Roh and John Weiter
  • Dr. and Mrs. George Santos
  • Dr. Delia Sang
    In honor of Dr. Lloyd M. Aeillo
  • Dr. Roger F. Steinert
    In honor of Drs. Robert Bellows,
    Arthur Boruchoff, Albert  Frederick,
    and Thomas Hutchinson
  • Dr. J. Elliott Taylor
  • Dr. Felipe I. Tolentino
    In honor of Drs. Hal M. Freeman and Roland Houle
    In memory of Dr. Charles L. Schepens
  • Dr. Trexler R. Topping
  • Dr. Angela Turalba
  • Vermont Ophthalmological Society
  • Dr. Martin Wand
    In memory of Dr. W. Morton Grant
  • Drs. Peter Wassermann, T. Gordon Hand,
    Christie Morse and Bradford Hall
    In memory of Dr. John Detwiller
    In honor of Dr. Lewis Stieglitz
  • Master William Weiter
    In honor of Ann Bajart and Tony Schemmer,
    and Deborah and Elliot Perlman
  • Dr. Kenneth Wolf
  • Dr. Allen Zieker


Benefactors $500-$999

  • Dr. Phil Aitken
    In memory of Drs. Robert Guiduli and Simmons Lessell
  • Maria Capone
    In Memory of Dr. Y. Jacob Schinazi
  • Dr. Michael Cooper
    In honor of Dr. Brendan McCarthy
    In memory of Drs. Robert Haimovici,
    Behrooz Koleini and S. Arthur Boruchoff
  • Drs. Elliot and Macie Finkelstein
  • Dr. David Fleishman
    In memory of Dr. Gary B. Fleishman
  • Dr. George Garcia
  • Dr. Robert Guiduli
    In memory of Dr. Kathleen J. Maguire
  • Dr. Lynne Kaplinsky
  • Dr. David Lawlor
  • Dr. Thomas R. Leddy
    In memory of Dr. Robert E. Curran, Jr.
  • Dr. Robert Lytle
  • Maine Eye Center
  • Dr. Brandan McCarthy
    In memory of Dr. Behrooz Koleini
  • Dr. and Mrs. Howard Marton
  • Dr. Christopher Newton
  • Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston
  • Retina Center of Maine
  • Rhode Island Society of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Dr. Joel Schuman
  • Dr. Lewis Stieglitz
  • Dr. Dennis Stoler
  • Dr. Barry Wepman
  • Dr. Charles Wingate


Sponsors $250-$499

  • Dr. Caroline Baumal
    In memory of Dr. Jose Berrocal
  • Dr. Michael Cooper
    In memory of Robert Haimovici
    and Dr. Behrooz Koleini
  • Dr. Francis Y. Falck, Jr.
  • Dr. Ralph A. Goodwin, Jr.
  • Dr. Timothy Goslee
  • Dr. Dana Graichen
  • Dr. Payson B. Jacobson
    In memory of Dr. Abraham Pollen
  • Dr. Glenn P. Kimball
  • Dr. Michelle Liang
  • Dr. Peter Lou
  • Dr. Carmen Puliafito
  • Dr. Anita Shukla
  • Dr. Sarkis Soukiasian
    In honor of Dr. Rogert Steinert
  • Dr. Caldwell W. Smith
  • Dr. Neal G. Snebold
  • Dr. Jonathan Talamo
  • Dr. Yvonne Tsai
    In memory of Helena Toksoz
  • Dr. Andrew Wong
    In memory Dr. Charles L. Schepens
  • Worcester Ophthalmology Associates
  • Dr. Charles Zacks


Friends Up to $250

  • In Memory of Dr. Y. Jacob Schinazi
    • Nancy Asbedian
    • Lois Fain
    • Marion J. Goldsmith
    • Robert & Lorraine Kingsbury
    • Diane Klaiber
    • William & Ingrid Mercer
    • Michael Migliori
    • Dr. & Mrs. Samir Moubayed
    • Beth Orson
    • Dr. Virginia Schmidt Parker
    • Karl Stephens
    • Janice Solomon

  • In Memory of C. Davis Belcher
    • Accent Eyewear
    • James Bernson
    • Dr. Charles Beyer-Machule
    • Philip Cacciatore
    • Eye Health Services
    • Milton Feinson
    • Dr. Richard Getnick
    • Evelyn John
    • Dr. Ernest Kornmehl
    • Don Lesieur
    • Joyce Marshall
    • Rebecca Murphy
    • Therese O’Keefe
    • Dr. Stephen Poor, III
    • Eileen Raffferty
    • Elizabeth Reece
    • Dr. Richard Simmons
    • Marian Spilner
    • Dr. Ann Stromberg
    • Elizabeth Sullivan
    • Andrienne Tashjian
    • The Rivers School
  • In Memory of Dr. Peter Gudas:
    • Naomi Litrowinik
    • Mercedes Sayler
    • Needham Psychotherapy Associates
    • New England Carpenters Health Fund
    • Norfolk Lodge A.F. and A.M.
    • James and Jean Twyning
    • Jacqueline Pepper
    • Jeanne Smith
  • Dr. Peter Batson
  • Dr. Richard Brown
  • Dr. David Corbit
  • Dr. Paul Cotran
    In memory of Dr. Mariana Mead
  • Dr. Peter Donshik
  • Dr. Stuart Fay
    In honor of Dr. Michael Bradbury and
    Dr. Tuck
  • Melvyn and Eleanor Galin Foundation
    In honor of B. Thomas Hutchinson
  • Dr. Andrew Gillies
    In memory of Dr. Moshe Lahav
  • Dr. Timber Gorman
  • Dr. Jay Gooze
    In memory of Kirstyn Smith
  • Dr. Amy Gregory
  • Dr. Walter Griggs
  • Dr. Robert Herm
  • Dr. Ted Houle
  • Dr. Marc Leibole
  • Dr. Howard M. Leibowitz
    In memory of Dr. Behrooz Koleini
  • Dr. Lawrence Piazza
  • Dr. Theodore Renna
  • Molly-Jane Isaacson Rubinger
    In honor of Trexler Topping
  • Alice Sarno
    In memory of Dr. B. Thomas Hutchinson
  • Dr. Donna Siracuse-Lee
  • Dr. Christopher Soares
  • Dr. Domenic M. Strazzulla
  • Dr. Carter Tallman
  • Dr. Michael Wiedman
    In honor of Dr. Claes Dohlman